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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Swing Hourglass Cursor

You never want to run a long process in the Swing Event Dispatch thread (EDT). You want the GUI to be responsive, even when actions take a long time to execute. Occasionally, the long process is central to the GUI. In those cases, while you still don’t want to block the EDT, you do want […]

File Names

I wish I could remember where I saw this idea first. I’d like to give them the credit. This particular application had a a lot of output files, mostly used for debugging. I put all of the file names in one class.

My Alienware AX51 Experience

This isn’t Java related, but I thought my experience with a new Alienware AX51 computer sufficiently bizarre to post about it.


My recent articles have been answers that I’ve previously posted on Stack Overflow. This project was something that I wanted to develop. The purpose of this project was to make copies of various satellite pictures from Google Maps, stitch the pictures together to make larger pictures, and create a copy of a railroad for Train […]