Musings about Java and Swing

Stock Picker Using Java Swing

This Java Swing project is different from my other projects because I used external sources of information. Continue reading the article


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Almost all of my posts are about some aspect of Java Swing programming. This is a post about one of my teaching experiences. Continue reading the article

Java Swing File Browser

My last few posts have been games. I thought I’d try something different this time. Continue reading the article

Spirograph using Java Swing

I wrote this Java Swing application a few years ago. The purpose of this application was to see how fast I could draw thousands of data points. Continue reading the article

Centering a String in a Bounding Rectangle

When I have to draw text, I usually need to center the text in a bounding rectangle. I’ve copied and pasted this Java code several times, and I finally decided to post it here so I can copy the code from here when I need it. Continue reading the article

Qlocktwo with Java Swing

I came across an interesting clock, the Qlocktwo, designed by Biegert & Funk. The clock is an electronic piece of art. Different letters light up at different times to tell the time in words. Continue reading the article

2048 Game in Java Swing

Recently, I came across a game called 2048. The game was created by Gabriele Cirulli. It’s an interesting variation on a 4 x 4 sliding puzzle. Continue reading the article

John Conway’s Game of Life in Java Swing

In October 1970, Martin Gardner published an article in his Mathematical Games column about John Conway’s Game of Life. You can read all about the Game of Life in the Wikipedia article. Continue reading the article

Dice Game

I don’t know if this dice game has a name. I saw it on Stack Overflow. It was an assignment for a group of students. I decided to code it as a Java Swing application. Continue reading the article