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Sliding Clock Using Java Swing

I enjoy creating clocks using Java Swing. I’ve already written an article about a clock, Qlocktwo with Java Swing.

Farkle Simulation Using Java Swing

My last two articles have been short, simple Java projects. This is a much more complex example of a Farkle simulation using Java Swing.

RGB Display Using Java Swing

Recently on Stack Overflow, I saw a question about an RGB Display. Since I’ve coded so many games, I decided to write an RGB display as a Swing application.

Kakurasu Using Java Swing

In mid-January, I read a Stack Overflow question about the game Kakurasu.

Moving Eyes

This is a short example of a Java Swing GUI with drawing and simple animation. The eyeballs in the GUI follow the mouse cursor as you move the cursor in the drawing area of the GUI.

Retro Snake Game

I have recently seen posts on Stack Overflow about creating the original Atari Snake game, or one of the many offshoots of that game.

Java Swing Marquee

I was walking east on 600 South in Salt Lake City, Utah, when I saw a marquee for a hotel.

Swing JCalendar Component

I saw this question on Stack Overflow, and I started thinking.

Stock Picker Using Java Swing

This Java Swing project is different from my other projects because I used external sources of information.

Java Swing File Browser

My last few posts have been games. I thought I’d try something different this time.