Custom Graphical User Interfaces

Allow me to create a custom Java Swing Graphical User Application for your business.

If you've seen the Graphical User Interfaces I've created for Java students, then you know I can create a custom Java Swing Graphical User Interface (GUI) Application for your business.

Read on, contact me, and let's discuss how I can meet your needs at a price you can afford.

One Example GUI

I created a Stock Picker application to show students how to use external resources when creating a Java Swing Graphical User Interface (GUI). Here's a picture of the GUI.

Stock Picker GUI

You can right click on the GUI image and select "Open Image in new Tab" to see the full size image.

Part of the Stock Picker application reads the historical trading data for a stock, and produces a chart which shows the high and low for the day in blue, and the close in green. I created this chart using Java Graphics2D methods.

Stock Picker Chart GUI

How We Work Together

  • You show me what you're looking for in a GUI.
  • I provide a time and cost estimate to you.
  • You approve the estimates, and pay the first 1/3 of the cost.
  • I provide an executable version of your GUI.
  • You approve the GUI, and pay the second 1/3 of the cost.
  • I provide the source code for your GUI.
  • You pay the final 1/3 of the cost

When describing your GUI, pictures work best. Drawings work well.

If your GUI needs to communicate with one or more databases, I'll need the database information.

Contact Me

Let's discuss your Graphical User Interface needs.

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